Why did Go-jek choose rebranding from red to blue (like Grab)?

Why does Go-jek use green (like Grab) when entering the Vietnamese market this time?

  • Go-jek has been green since its inception. Since you are not in Indonesia, you do not know.
  • Go-jek does not enter the Vietnamese market. Go-Viet / GoViet was originally Go-jek Vietnam, now it’s just re-branding in terms of brand.
  • It is not uncommon for ride-hailing apps to use different colors in different countries (for example, Uber used to be blue / black in Vietnam and orange / black in Indonesia).

So why not use blue in the first place but instead use red?

  • Time (2018: football, patriotism, national spirit at the moment is high)
  • Go-jek’s brand positioning at that time (David vs Goliath, national brand against foreign invaders, national pride, etc.)
  • Grab’s green identity and identity at that time in the Vietnamese and regional markets.

Then why not continue to use red and now rebrand to blue?

  • The strategic direction has changed (does Go-jek feel ready to take on Grab head-on?)
  • HR and local team (founding team initially representing the local-led strategy, maximized localization to win has not been very effective recently)
  • Go-jek (possibly) after more than 2 years of implementing the regional expansion strategy has accumulated enough experience to see that a unified direction is needed to maximize efficiency instead of taking a different strategic angle for each country. family.

Same in color, is Go-jek not afraid to lose?

  • The color in the outfit may not be as important as you think, the bottom line is service and quality delivered.
  • Colors still have certain differences, Go-jek uses blue tones (seems) brighter and more prominent than Grab’s.
  • 2 brands with the same color, the younger one will probably have an advantage in color assimilation in the user’s mind. Instead of seeing the scattered red color engulfed by green, this time assimilated all to green, the user could not distinguish clearly and would no longer be able to clearly locate who was bigger than which one.

Some additional information comes from the exchange and a bit more background about Gojek / GoViet:

At the end of 2017, early 2018 when Gojek entered the market and created GO-VIET in Vietnam and GET in Thailand (there should be one more application in the Philippines but was blocked by policy), the strategy at that time of Gojek is defensive.

However, this time, 2020, is different. In addition to rebranding, Gojek launching a media campaign throughout the countries in the region (Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore) and at the same time renewed the launch of the launch app gojek in the Philippines: https: //www.techinasia. com / gojek-reapplies-philippines

These factors clearly show the direction of the direct confrontation with Grab, which is no longer defensive, compared to 2018. As for the use of color, to return to green like Grab, as explained in Posts. As for the fact that Gojek is still the underdog, that is no question. So using blue (maybe) is not an absolute weakness – this is my opinion.

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