Summary of Marketing / Communication Sharing 2020

Gartner Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing & Advertising 2019

The Power of “Defaults” and The Race to Monopoly

What Is The Price For Companies To Call Vietnamese Education Car Market?

UAN Lookback 2019

Marketing Trends 2019 [CDD HTV9]

Does Increasing Your Budget Mean Increased Advertising Performance? [CDD HTV9]

The War for Market Share Facebook & Google [CĐKD HTV9]

Early Marketing and Consequences [CDD HTV9]

Self value & micro-transactions:

Battle Of Bases

### Book Summary & Review ###

What Is Marketing – Seth Godin – Book Review [Bookaholic]

Crossing The Chasm

From Zero to One

Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy

Measure What Matters – Graphic Summarization

Recommended English Marketing Books (and How to Buy)

### Marketing overview ###

Customer Acquisition & Retention Diagram

Building Gen Y & Z Customer Relationships with CRM and Data

Customer Insight – Understand Truths and “Misunderstandings”

What is KPI? Why Are KPIs Not Achieved? Why Achieved KPIs But Is Business Still Ineffective?

Direct Marketing vs Advertising and Above The Line vs Below The Line

Building A Marketing Strategy From A – Z

What Is Digital Marketing Different Online Marketing

The Impact of Branding on Digital Channels Efficiency [Video]

Things That Keep Customers Away From The Brand

### Digital Marketing ###

What is Programmatic Advertising? Overview of Display Advertising

Display Advertising Ecosystem Overview

Remarketing vs Retargeting

Marketing Automation Overview [Video]

Email Marketing Automation Case Study

Lead Scoring Automation Case Study

5 Factors To Evaluate The Effectiveness of Marketing Automation

Understanding Email Marketing In 20 Minutes [Video]

Why Email Into Inbox? And Why Not?

More Effective Digital Advertising for Real Estate

Facebook Newsfeed Publisher Guidelines 2017

Mobile Web or Mobile App

What is CRM? What is ERP? Compare CRM and ERP [Video]

Everything You Need To Know About SEM In 10 Minutes [Video]

### Beginners Marketing Career ###

What You Need When You Enter Digital Marketing

How to Enter Digital Marketing? [Video]

What is Digital Making? – UAN Talk Show [Video]

Become a Marketing Director after 5 years working?

What Do Digital Marketing Managers Do?

Summary of Websites and Blogs About Digital Marketing

Good Boss, Good Teacher

What is the difference between Sales and Account?

### Mindset on marketing ###

What is Marketing Communications? What is IMC? The Role Of Digital In Marketing?

What is Full-stack Marketer, Does It Exist?

How Should a Modern Marketing Team Be Structured?

What Will The Marketing Team Of The Future Look Like?

Spam or No Spam? Questions You Should Answer Yourself

Doing Marketing True and False Only A Small Boundary

Nobody Needs Your Product

I Don’t Claim Reason and You Like It

Dog Food Marketing

Marketing Doesn’t Change But Marketer Needs Change

### Analysis & Optimization Knowledge ###

Fantasy Clicks and What You Should Know

Google Analytics and Why It’s Inaccurate

Everything You Need to Know About A / B Testing

Bounce vs Pogostick [Video]

Click vs Session [Video]

Increase Conversion Rate For Sales Website

SEO & Optimizing Conversion Rate For Mobile Website

How Do Websites Collect Your Information?

Increase Quality, then Reduce Quality in Advertising?

Why do Digital Advertising Channels Slow down?

More Effective Ad Optimization

### Marketing Tools & Materials ###

Compare 19 Internal Communication Platforms for Work

18 Free Sources for Competitor / Market Research:

Synthesis of Digital Marketing Worker Tools

Primer – Marketing Learning Application For Beginners

Data To Make Proposal / Report / Wind Slash

20 Tools for Automatic Data Collection and Reporting

Summary of SEO Tools

SEO & Inbound Documentation From MOZ

Website & Blog Digital Marketing People Should Follow

### Other contain ###

Case studies content marketing from technology companies makes marketers look at

The article summarizes the interesting things that I think anyone doing marketing should check out: doc-2 -doc-5

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