Is the Foreo Luna Play worth?

What is the Foreo Luna? Foreo is a brand offering a range of silicone face brushes that vibrate to cleanse the skin. They claim that the ‘T-sonic pulsations’ unclog pores, remove dead skin cells, reduce signs of ageing, improve absorption of skincare products, and generally promote clearer, brighter, and healthier looking skin. All sounds great, right? (Picture: Nordstrom)

There are bunch of different Foreo options, in terms of price and recommended skin type, ranging from the cheapest, the Foreo Luna Play, at £29, up to the Foreo Luna 2 for £169. You can choose a Foreo Luna for oily skin or sensitive skin, or just pick your favourite colour. Faff involved: I dipped my toe into the world of Foreo Lunas by getting a Foreo Luna Play. At £29 it’s a good starting point. It doesn’t have the multiple settings the superior models offer, and unlike the original Lunas and Luna 2s, it’s not rechargeable. Once the battery runs out, it’s useless. It’s also a little smaller.


This post has been written in collaboration with FOREO LUNA Mini 2.

Do you want to know the secret to perfect skin? I ask a beautician at a fancy London spa once and she actually told me!

I was reviewing a spa hotel and had an incredible facial during my stay. After my treatment the lovely beautician began her well-practiced speech to sell me the luxury products she’d just used. We’re talking about cleansers and exfoliators that cost more than my mortgage so I had to politely interrupt her and let her know that, even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t be buying an £800 cleansing package today, thank you.

She faltered for a second and I felt the need to fill an awkward silence.

‘Your skin is amazing, what’s your secret?’ I asked, quickly adding, ‘Other than expensive lotions!’

‘Well, it’s the simple things really…’ and she went on to tell me the secrets to perfect skin. I’m afraid they’re not exciting or glamorous, but they do work!


It doesn’t really matter what cleanser you use, as long as it suits your skin and you use it twice a day. You need to remove all the dirt and makeup without aggravating your skin.


The beautician was keen to emphasise that, while it might not be exciting, drinking plenty of water and staying well hydrated is one of the most important things for your skin.


Eat loads of fruit and veg! Your skin can’t be healthy on the outside if your body isn’t healthy on the inside.

If you’re struggling to get a lot of fruit and veg into your diet, try prepping your meals in advance. Use Pinterest to search for food prep ideas. I also like to make mason jar salads for lunches.


Wear a high factor facial sunscreen everyday because sun damage is the worst thing for aging your skin.


This isn’t something I noticed until I hit my 30s but if I’m tired, my skin looks tired! There’s no hiding those late nights anymore!


There are a hundred reasons to exercise but did you know it can also improve your skin? Aim to get the blood pounding through your body everyday because that blood carries oxygen and nutrients to your cells and also carries away the waste products.

Follow up a gym workout with a sauna and steam session and, alongside a hit of endorphins, your skin will be glowing!


FOREO LUNA Mini 2 Review _ The Travel Hack

Since I was given this advice I’ve been pretty good at ticking all the boxes, but the one I’ve struggled with is properly cleansing my skin. It’s the easiest and most effective step yet, for me, it was the hardest!

I have greasy skin but it’s also dry and sensitive. I know, I basically got all the bad skin qualities! If I over-cleanse, I breakout. If I under-cleanse, I breakout. I’ve tried a billion and one products and everything either:

  1. Dried my skin out and made it worse
  2. Was so gentle it didn’t feel like my skin was clean

I also have another little issue. It’s totally my own fault but I’m basically a little bit lazy, especially when it comes to properly cleansing my skin before bed when I’m so tired I just want to go to sleep and worry about it in the morning.

I’ve been looking for something that’s gentle, effective, quick and easy (so easy I’ll use it at 11pm after a few glasses of wine!)  and I’ve finally found it. Let me introduce you to the Luna Mini 2.

WHAT IS THE LUNA MINI 2?This facial cleansing gadget is a travel-sized silicone cleansing brush. You charge it up and then it pulsates at different massage intensities with 8 settings to choose from.

You wet your face, apply your cleanser and then massage the LUNA Mini 2 across your face for one minute. It pulses every 15 seconds so you can divide your face into 4 areas and do one area at a time for 15 seconds. It effectively but gently removes any dirt or oil and then you rinse your face and you’re done. Simple! This activity doesn’t take more than a minute of your time.


  • The battery lasts up to 300 uses
  • It’s available in 6 colours
  • It has 3 brush zones with different sized silicone brushes for different skin types or areas of your face
  • It’s recommended you remove your make-up before cleaning with the FOREO LUNA Mini 2


I mostly use my LUNA mini 2, with my Nivea creme cleanser

Yes! My skin feels so clean (but not dry!) after I’ve used it and my skin is visibly clearer!


I can use a gentle, creamy cleanser that doesn’t dry my skin out. When used alone, this cleanser leaves my skin soft but it doesn’t have that pore-deep clean feeling that I get when I’ve also used the LUNA Mini 2. Thankfully, my skin still feels soft, rather than tight and dry like when I use any stronger cleansing products.


It is safe to use the device twice daily, and does not have a drying effect on the skin

I actually use it. Twice a day too!

At first I thought it might just be a novelty, a new toy I’d tire of eventually. But it’s so easy to use that, six weeks later,  I’m still using it morning and night. And now I can see that my skin is visibly clearer and brighter so that’s even more motivation to keep using it.


One charge lasts up to 5 months!

I haven’t recharged mine yet and I often find my kids playing with it while they’re in the bath so it gets a lot of use!


The LUNA Mini 2 currently costs £95.20 (accurate as of May 13 2019)


It’s an investment but, for me, the LUNA Mini 2 is worth it. I’ve realised that clear skin isn’t about fancy products. I don’t need to be buying £100 cleansers, exfoliators, skin masks, toners, tonics or magic repair creams.

I just need a gentle cleanser, a good moisturiser and the LUNA Mini 2 to effectively clean my skin.

But, what’s more important, is that I just need to use it. I’ve invested in so many products but forgotten about them after a week or two. Of course they won’t work if I don’t use them!

The main benefit of the LUNA Mini 2 is that it’s easy. It isn’t messy and doesn’t take ages and doesn’t need to be charged every other day. It’s simple and effective and using it twice a day I’ve really seen a difference in my skin.

If you’re impressed, then you can check out the product here, on their website: click


THE VERDICT:Skin care devices are becoming an in thing nowadays; for facial cleansing, it started with Clarisonic and it became the benchmark for mechanical facial brushes that followed. In 2013, Swedish beauty device brand, Foreo opened to the world and released their first product, The Luna.In one of her Instagram stories, Kim Kardashian did a… Read More FOREO LUNA 2 REVIEW: IS IT WORTH IT?

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