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The new LUNA 3 is out, but what does that mean? We’ve compiled a list of reviews. Check them out and see whether or not the latest in skincare cleansing is right for you.

Everyone deserves to feel their best, no matter what. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going out with friends, or even just spending a relaxing night at home, what better way to feel amazing than by rocking amazingly clear skin? FOREO’s latest device helps give you just that. LUNA 3’s app-navigated facial massage and cleansing brings together the absolute best of skincare and technology. 

Want to know more? We’ve got you covered with a list of reviews written by FOREO fans about their experiences with the new LUNA.

Marie Claire

“I noticed instantly how much the pulsations got my blood flowing, which is always a good thing. … After the 60 seconds were up, I rinsed my face and was amazed by how perky my skin looked. It felt super soft to the touch and really clean. I would definitely use the LUNA 3 again, maybe once or twice a week for a super deep clean during the second part of my double cleanse.”

“The app guides you through the 60-second cleanse in real time, ensuring you use your cleansing brush for the right amount of time and properly clean your face – one minute is all it needs to wash dirt, grime and germs. It does the job (and does it well), leaving your skin feeling soft and clean, but not stripped of all life, and you’ll have a real glow afterwards.”

This skincare review by Marie Claire is as good as it gets; three different people with three different skin types try out the brand new LUNA 3 device and here’s what they all had to say.


“My cleanser has never worked so well and paired with the app makes it super easy to use and navigate. My skin is cleaner and definitely clearer with daily use. I have a much brighter and even complexion since incorporating the Foreo into my regimen!”

“I have always had a pretty simple, no frills cleansing approach to my skincare routine so I was really excited to try the Foreo Luna 3. It’s so gentle and relaxing to use, and my skin has never felt so clean and looked so clear! It feels like my serum and moisturizer are also a lot more effective since I am getting a much deeper clean.”

Isobel Larkin from BEAUTY Crew, dishes what their very own Review Crew® had to say about their experience using LUNA 3, and the women all had wonderful things to share about the new cleansing device. Their enthusiastic reviews would be enough to convert anyone into a LUNA fan!

Project Vanity

” I was surprised at how smooth my skin suddenly felt and how much brighter my complexion looked. It even got rid of the flakiness that was starting to build up in some areas.”

“Becoming a Foreo convert really comes as a surprise to me since I never felt the need to include gadgets in my skincare routine before, but here we are!”

Denise from Project Vanity was struggling with some breakouts and her usual skincare routine wasn’t cutting it anymore. She decided to test out LUNA 3 for herself and now she can rock a gorgeous complexion once again. In this review find out exactly why she would choose LUNA 3 to treat her skin time and time again.

Best Products

“When I touched my face, I couldn’t believe how soft it was. It just felt and looked so … good. There was a glow that my skin hasn’t achieved before. That 1 minute alone sold me.”

“I was worried at first, because since my skin can be sensitive, I thought it would be too much for it to handle. However, I didn’t experience any irritation and I continued to see smooth, glowing skin night after night. When I took a break from the device after those few weeks, I noticed my skin went back to feeling and looking as it did before I discovered my new beauty BFF.”

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick writing for Best Products heard great things about FOREO’s latest in beauty tech, but she decided to test out LUNA 3 and see for herself whether or not it’s worth the fuss. Long story short, LUNA 3 quickly became the center of her nightly beauty routine!

Trusted Reviews

“I have always suffered from rough skin on my nose and forehead that no exfoliator or moisturiser can keep at bay, but a week with the Luna 3 seems to have scared it off.”

“My skin feels brighter too, probably helped by the fact I’ve made this one of my gym bag essentials as well. After every a workout I’m making sure I use the Luna 3 to clean my skin clear of sweat, which helps to ensure all the skin boosting exercise I’m doing is having its maximum effect.”

Verity Burns from Trusted Reviews gives an incredibly detailed account of her personal experience using LUNA 3, covering topics from the brushes functional aspects and how to use the device to design itself. This is definitely a review that you shouldn’t miss.

Health magazine

“The massaging aspect promotes circulation in your face, while the silicone bristles help exfoliate the skin, allowing your anti-aging products to penetrate and work much more efficiently, (…) Plus, it’s made of silicone, which makes it super easy to clean and much friendlier on your wallet in the long run, since you don’t have to replace the brush head like other sonic systems.”

Now that we know the Foreo Luna 3 is not only Teigen-approved, but also loved by a dermatologist, adding it to our skincare routine is really a no-brainer.

And if you prefer to watch your reviews instead of reading them, we’ve got a little something for you too! Be sure to check out these YouTubers talking about their own experiences with LUNA 3. 

Erika Beck

Still in Luck



Sophie Floyd

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