Skin care devices are becoming an in thing nowadays; for facial cleansing, it started with Clarisonic and it became the benchmark for mechanical facial brushes that followed. In 2013, Swedish beauty device brand, Foreo opened to the world and released their first product, The Luna.
In one of her Instagram stories, Kim Kardashian did a skin care splurge and one of her purchases is a lavender Foreo Luna 2; she then posted a follow up story professing that it’s a favorite of hers. We could pretty much assume that it propelled Foreo to stardom and since then, it’s been making waves and increasingly becoming a skin care staple of many skin care enthusiasts!

I never rode the Clarisonic Wave because the reviews have been mixed ever since its launch; I didn’t want to spend a fortune only to find out that I’m on the unfavored side. Besides, I found cheaper mechanical brush alternatives that worked just fine. When I learned about Foreo, I’ve been very curious and lusting over it because it’s a much gentler alternative! Finally, I have it and after using it for 2 months, I’m ready to give my thoughts!

Foreo is a beauty and tech company specializing in cleansing devices for the face and teeth made with their signature material, silicone. 
Foreo Luna is a line of mechanical facial brushes made with medical grade silicone that’s safe even for sensitive skin and hygienic; the technology featured in the brushes is called T-Sonic Pulsations that provide a deep cleaning, anti- wrinkle, and massaging effect. The other Foreo face brush variants available are:
Luna Mini 2– good for travel and a smaller version of Lune 2; has bristles on both sides–one side is for customized cleansing and the other side for deep cleansing.

Luna UFO– a masking device using thermal and cryo therapy that activate the benefits of sheet masks; must be used with an exclusive Foreo mask.
Luna Go (for men)– good for the bag; made for men; bears the features of Luna 2

A box of Luna 2 is comprised of the gadget, a charging USB cord, warranty card and manual, velvet pouch, and a silicone tab, which I think is a resting pad for the device.
Let’s break down the anatomy of Luna 2.

Here’s the cleansing side; it tapers from bottom to top with the largest bristles concentrated on the tip; the reason behind this it lets the device reach corners and clean them better.
There’s a Luna 2 for every skin type: combination, sensitive, normal, oily. The blue one I have is for combination skin. Just in case you’re wondering, the bristle configuration isn’t uniform on all devices!

The reason behind the difference in the bristle configuration is each brush is meant to provide a customized clean: sensitive skin brush has finer, smaller bristles, normal skin brush has a mix of small and medium bristles, combination brush has small, medium, and large bristles, and oily brush has large bristles, not to mention square- shaped too to dislodge oil build- up effectively.

The back side has grooves; this is the anti-aging massage portion and it’s meant for use after washing; it’s meant to stimulate the skin, loosen up the pores, and drive skin care in so you can maximize it more.
The shape of Luna 2 is quite intuitive; I can grip on it easily and comfortably, it’s light, feels solid, and material is quite easy to clean and dries up easily too.

Foreo Luna 2 must be charged for at least 1- 2 hours before usage. One single charge can last up to 450 uses or about a year! Also, Foreo is made to be used in the shower so don’t worry about electrocution or anything like that because it’s waterproof, but still, follow the safety instructions.
What’s T-Sonic Pulsation, you ask? It’s a savvy, new way to remove dirt inside pores and debris on the surface. Foreo Luna 2 delivers 2x the T-Sonic power (I suppose this is compared to the first Luna) at 8,000 pulses per minute.  I call this shakefoliation. It’s supposedly gentle because the brush head is made with gentle silicone material.


There are three buttons on Luna 2: the middle is the power button and – is the decrease frequency button and + is the increase frequency button. There are about 8 modes to this; I normally use frequency three only for cleansing and frequency one for the massage; the low frequency is great for massaging and stimulating the skin, according to Foreo. 
To turn the device on and off, give the power button a single press. To pause your routine, press the power button once in the middle of your routine and press again when you’re ready to resume. There’s a light indicator at the bottom of the device that lights up when it’s on pause and disappears when you turn it off or when your session is over.
How long should you use Foreo? 1 minute for cleansing and 1 minute for the massage; it’s a 2-minute routine. There’s no time indicator, but the device is programmed to deliver only 1 minute cleansing and massage every time you use it.

I’ve been using this device for 2 months and here’s my result:

This is a photo after my initial use. We all know how hard it is to get rid of blackheads from your pores; it’s those tiny little black monsters lurking in the deep and giving your skin a rough, dirty appearance. I used Foreo Luna 2 for the first time and spent quite a bit of time on my nose area and holy cow, look! Normally, I would need to use a nose strip to remove lodged dirt, but T-Sonic pulsations did the job for me! I must say, I’m impressed the first time!

Some things I noticed in my journey:

1. After running the device all over my face for a minute, I noticed that some fresh zits would show up the white eye immediately, which is what you pop to get rid of the zit completely. Good for me because I don’t have to wait for days to get rid of the zit, although I don’t know if there’s any dermatological merit to the effect.
2. Zits with the white eye showing would burst when I run the device on them, which saves me from painful pricking. Now I would just have to clean the zits with skin care after the routine. Easy peasy!
3. The anti-aging massager is very relaxing; a great way to end the night and I like how it drives skin care into my skin without me having to use my hands.
4. The device is very easy to clean after every use. Dries up with a pat of a towel and stores easily too.

It’s been two months and I still enjoy using Foreo Luna 2. I thought I would break out because I’m using it everyday, but no, I did not (except for some crazy hormonal acne). It is because the bristles are very gentle and I can customize cleansing to the frequency that I prefer. My face feels cleaner every single time and my toning pad would show less dirt compared to my pre-Foreo routine; that goes to show that it cleans the skin really well. I also like the fact that it forces me to clean my skin for a minute, which is probably the time I need to spend to make sure that I’m cleaning my face really well; after using Foreo, I realized, I haven’t been washing my skin properly and well, plus it’s a well- designed device.

This device was sent to me by Foreo; just to throw a bit of transparency there. But after using the device, I can say now that even if it wasn’t sent to me, I would buy it simply because it works. I actually think I will get Luna Mini 2 for traveling!

If you’re thinking of buying a Foreo, I’d say it’s a good investment, most especially if you’re a commuter, you wear heavy makeup all the time, and even if you’re just a skin care junkie. Good thing there’s Luna Mini 2 to ease your way into the world of Foreo!


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