The 100 season 7 eps 9| watch now

Remember when Hope was conspicuously MIA upon Clarke’s arrival at Bardo last week? Well, Wednesday’s episode of The 100 went back to explain what happened to Diyoza’s daughter — and it involved a lotof blood.

After painting a grim picture of what will happen if the Bardoans lose the final war, Anders began training Echo, Octavia, Hope and Diyoza to become Disciples. And while hand-to-hand combat and target practice were certainly part of the curriculum, Anders’ main objective was to break the four women of their “selfish bonds.” Naturally, this was done in the most twisted way imaginable: Each trainee unknowingly entered a simulation where they were given the opportunity to stop one of the others from blowing up Bardo. Echo, Octavia and even Diyoza all killed Hope in their individual scenarios, but Hope couldn’t bring herself to do the same to her own mother.

This triggered the darkest version of The Bachelor ever, with Anders assembling everyone to announce which trainees were being promoted to Disciple, and which were being shipped to Penance. As you probably guessed by now, Hope was the only one who did not receive a rose, thus explaining her future absence upon Clarke’s arrival.

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