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Tuy Hoa -Phu Yen

Tuy Hoa is the capital city of Phú Yên Province in south-central Vietnam. The city has a total area of 107 km2 and a population of 202,030 (in 2012). The city is located approximately midway between Nha Trang and Qui Nhơn.

The city is formulated mainly from alluvial of the downstream of Đà Rằng River. There are two mountains in the center of the city: Chóp Chài Mountain and Nhạn Mountain.Champa Temple on Nhạn Mountain

Đà Rằng River and Nhan Mountain create a poetic landscape. There is a Champa Temple on the top of Nhạn Mountain. Standing at this place, visitors can easily enjoy a full view of Tuy Hòa city


Quy Nhon – Vietnam

Qui Nhơn, also Quy Nhơn), is a coastal city in Bình Định Province in central Vietnam. It is composed of 16 wards and five communes with a total of 284 km2 (110 sq mi). Quy Nhơn is the capital of Bình Định Province. As of 2009 its population was 280,535.[1] Historically, the commercial activities of the city focused on agriculture and fishing. In recent years, however, there has been a significant shift towards service industries and tourism. There is also a substantial manufacturing sector.

Eo Gió nơi ngắm bình minh đẹp nhất Việt Nam
Eo gio
How to catch a taxi in Quy Nhon, Vietnam travel guide
TOUR GHÉP QUY NHƠN - Du lịch KỲ CO đi và về trong ngày -
Ky Co

Phan Thiết 

the capital of Bình Thuận Province on the southeast coast in Vietnam. While most of the inhabitants live in the city center, the others live in the four urban coastal wards, extending from Suối Nước beach in the northeast towards cape Kê Gà in the southwest.

Traditionally, fishing and manufacturing of fish sauce has been the main source of Phan Thiết’s income thus far, the picturesque fishing fleet in the harbor providing colorful proof. Drawn by the beautiful beaches of the area, tourism is rapidly replacing the fishing industry as the main employer.

The first resorts along the beaches of Hưng Long and Phú Thủy wards, as well as Phú Hài and Hàm Tiến wards east of the city center appeared in the mid-nineties. Since then, tourism has boomed and hundreds of hotels, restaurants, resorts, guesthouses and shops have been constructed along the coastline.

Rang Beach in Hàm Tiến ward was discovered by foreigners in 1995 while they watched the solar eclipse. Misled by guidebooks, which incorrectly labelled Rang Beach as “Mũi Né Beach”, they were the first of a long row of tourists mistakenly calling everything east of the Phan Thiết city center “Mũi Né.”[2]

Each area of Phan Thiết has its own characteristics. The beaches of Kê Gà and Tiến Thành are peaceful and quiet, inviting tourists to swim and relax. There is not much traffic on the roads along the coastline, so walking or riding along the beach is quite peaceful.

Compared to Nha Trang, the density of resorts along the beaches of the city center in Phan Thiết is quite low, so when tourists leave their hotels, they step into the middle of the bustling daily life of a Vietnamese city. You can walk to many restaurants, museums or shopping malls – even visit the school where Hồ Chí Minh taught before he went to study in Paris.

Phú Hài ward covers a hilly area along the coastline and has many small beaches and hidden coves. Many of the resorts in this ward are built above the water on the hills and have a relatively small beach to themselves. Sea Links City, composed of a hotel, condos, apartments, a winery and a golf course, is located here. Ba Nai Hill in Phú Hài ward is the place of the old Po Sah Inư Cham Tower, built in the 8th century and worth a visit.

Tour du lịch Phan Thiết - Mũi Kê Gà | Lưu trú Resort 4 sao
Du lịch Phan Thiết có gì hay và đẹp mà khiến bạn phải đến?
Travel to Phan Thiet
Du lịch làng chài Hàm Thuận An tại Phan Thiết |

Phu Quoc

Phú Quốc  is the largest island in Vietnam. Phú Quốc and nearby islands, along with the distant Thổ Chu Islands, are part of Kiên Giang Province as Phú Quốc District, the island has a total area of 574 square kilometres (222 sq mi) and a permanent population of approximately 103,000. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, the district of Phú Quốc includes the island proper and 21 smaller islets. Dương Đông town is located on the west coast, and is also the administrative and largest town on the island. The other township is An Thới on the southern tip of the island.

The economy is centred on fishing, agriculture and a fast-growing tourism sector. Phú Quốc has achieved fast economic growth due to its current tourism boom. Many infrastructure projects have been carried out, including several five-star hotels and resorts. Phú Quốc International Airport is the hub connecting Phú Quốc with mainland Vietnam and other international destinations.

Tour du lịch Phú Quốc 3N2Đ
Nằm mơ thấy đi du lịch là điềm báo gì? - Vntrip.vnHòn Móng Tay - Thiên đường hoang sơ đẹp không kém Maldives | Báo ...Dư địa phát triển du lịch ở Phú Quốc lớn tới mức nào?

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