Download the free Academic Vocabulary in use for IELTS [PDF]

Academic Vocabulary in use for IELTS is an academic study book that will bring you an advanced source of vocabulary, along with high applicability.

You see more IELTS for academic purpose fap book compiled by IELTS Self-study, you can download to improve your knowledge.

Academic Vocabulary in use for IELTS is divided into 50 Units, clearly structured according to each subject and skill. As with the first simple Vocabulary, the book is easy to understand, with a detailed study of the system of vocabulary, context and practice exercises. Because there are many lessons, the book is quite thick so you should consider practicing. This Academic Vocabulary in use for IELTS is suitable for band 5.0 and above. It consists of the following 8 parts:

Part 1  : 9 lessons, sharing about vocabulary, basic phrases by word type. Especially in each post there will be many different sections, including the share list of common vocabulary and Academic vocabulary for you to see the difference when used.

Part 2  : Consisting of 7 lessons, providing you with vocabulary knowledge and prefixes and suffixes.

Part 3  : Including 6 lessons, it will guide how Academic vocabulary in each case such as text, conversation, …

Part 4  : Including 8 articles, sharing with you the interpretations with Academic vocabulary when loosening about number, name, result, …

Part 5  : Consisting of 7 articles, the author shares with you phrases that combine ideas to make your speech clearer and more coherent.

Part 6  : Comprising 13 lessons, gathering process words, comparing, connecting, …

Part 7  : Contains 6 reading tests, helps you review and absorb many new vocabulary.

The last part  : Including keys and Reference, helps broaden your knowledge

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