Top 10 best pancake brands, latest edition 2020

“Pancake batter” is an important ingredient for making delicious pancakes. To eat as a simple breakfast or as a snack for dessert The pancake batter can be used to cook a variety of dishes. Whether it’s cake, crepes, breads or muffins And now There are many brands of pancakes on the market in the market. There are also many recipes and flavors to choose from, which will make many people confused about which pancake batter to buy. Even if you get a soft, smooth, smooth flavor, pancakes like dessert and bakery like yours.

In this article, we will introduce how to choose pancake batter that you should study. Including a list of popular products that all the bakers love Including products that do not contain eggs So that people with gluten intolerance can also eat it. If you’re ready, we can look for pancakes that are right for you!

What is a pancake?

What is a pancake?

Many people are probably familiar with the delicious dessert menu called “Pancakes”, right? Which the pancakes are considered a unique and distinctive appearance Because it looks like a flat round bread With pancake flour, eggs, milk and water, which is just that Makes the pancake menu taste mellow and pleasing to many people already But now The pancake menu has been developed to have a variety of flavors. Including the decoration to be more decorated Whether adding new ingredients or adding different topping to make the dish look beautiful Helps increase the appetite as well 

In addition, in some countries, meat and vegetables are also stuffed. Or make a savory dish too It can be said that the menu is quite versatile. If you are interested in this menu and want to try it yourself then We come to learn information on how to choose pancake flour at the same time.

How to choose pancake batter

Before going to buy that pancake batter We come to study how to choose first that What are some important things to consider before buying? In order to get the pancake flour that is most suitable for you

Choose to match the purpose of use.

Choose to match the purpose of use.

The first important consideration should be chosen according to the purpose of use. Because the purchase of pancakes for making savory dishes and desserts There are different principles in choosing, for example, if you want to enjoy eating pancakes with cheese or vegetables for a light meal, you may choose pancakes with a little vanilla aroma in On the other hand, if you want to use the purchased pancakes from both savory and dessert dishes Should choose butter or milk flavored pancake batter that can be used with many types of food.

However, most of the flavors of pancakes are on sale today. Is the flavor that most people already love, so you may try to choose from the flavor you like Without worrying about using it to make desserts or savory dishes

Choose from the texture and appearance you like.

Choose from the texture and appearance you like.

For making pancakes If you use eggs in large quantities Will get a large, soft, fluffy pancake, then dissolve in the souffle mouth, but if using milk as the main ingredient Will get a flat, smooth, classic pancake Which each person’s preference is not the same. Therefore, before buying, we recommend to check the formula or how to do that before The amount of ingredients mainly used milk or eggs Because it will give you a pancake that has the texture and appearance as desired

Choose by carefully checking the ingredients.

For home, which is usually made for pancakes for babies at home to eat as a snack. May be worried that the purchased pancake batter Are there any additives or ingredients that cause allergies? So that children can enjoy delicious pancakes. You should therefore check the ingredients thoroughly before buying.

Advised to buy pancake batter without additives.

Advised to buy pancake batter without additives.

Pancake batter is produced with a variety of ingredients. Which some brands may have added flavoring agents to make the powder fragrant Including most often adding additives such as artificial sugars to increase sweetness etc.

Therefore, if you are worried about allergic reactions It is advisable to choose pancake flour that is made from the main ingredients without additives. That is to say, the flour that has the main raw material is “wheat flour, sugar, baking powder” is the safest.

Peace of mind when without aluminum

Peace of mind when without aluminum

When talking about additives The substance that we want you to be especially cautious about is “the amount of aluminum”, which is often mixed in Baking Soda. The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that Our bodies should not receive more than 1 mg of aluminum per 1 kg of body weight within 1 week.

Especially young children with a small body weight Can accept aluminum less than adults To the extent that if eating only 1 plate of pancakes per week It may cause your baby to get an overdose. But if you tend to use pancake batter often We recommend choosing aluminum free powder. It is the safest.

For people with allergies Please avoid wheat flour, eggs, or milk.

For people with allergies  Please avoid wheat flour, eggs, or milk.

For those who have food allergies but want to eat pancakes We recommend to check the ingredients first. Pancake batter is made from wheat flour. Or need to use eggs and milk as an ingredient? By people who are allergic to wheat flour May choose pancake flour made from soy flour Or rice flour instead For people who love health or are losing weight May be suitable for gluten free flour

Usually, when making pancakes, eggs or milk must be used as the main ingredient. But people with allergies may have to Avoid flour that needs eggs or milk as an ingredient. Since some products may contain egg or milk ingredients in some raw materials Including use as a raw material in the production process Therefore you must check carefully before buying. In order not to adversely affect health later

Top 10 pancake flour. Which brands can be purchased online?

For those who are feeling like wanting to try making simple pancakes on their own at home, then probably looking for flour for making pancakes, right? Then let’s see the top products for making pancakes. Better!


ORGRAN Apple & Cinnamon Pancake Mix 1

ORGRANApple & Cinnamon Pancake Mix

Made from natural raw materials No additives Delicious for the whole family

High quality imported products from Australia Suitable for those who love health Or those concerned about food allergies Because this brand of pancake batter Made from natural raw materials Free from gluten, wheat flour, milk and eggs, therefore ensuring safety. It’s also easy to add just water and mix with flour. You will get delicious pancakes with the aroma of apples and cinnamon as the protagonist. Children can eat adults as well. Recommend to buy a box in the house

ingredientCorn flour, fructose sugar, dried apples, potato flour, yellow pea flour, cinnamon
volume375 g
Gluten free
Without additives


Healtholicious Organic Keto Pancake Mix (Gluten-free) 1

HealtholiciousOrganic Keto Pancake Mix (Gluten-free)

High in fiber, free from carcinogens Suitable for those who control weight.

For anyone who is losing weight or dieting according to different formulas such as Keto or Paleo Diet, sometimes you may want to eat some desserts, right? We would like to recommend Keto organic pancake batter which is made from quality ingredients. Whether almond flour or coconut flour Also without additives that may cause cancer, such as glyphosate (Glyphosate), but do not have to worry about lack of nutrients Because this powder has high fiber And when eaten with vegetables, salad or eggs Ensure that it is delicious and good for health as well.

ingredientAlmond flour, coconut flour, baking soda, pink Himalayan salt
volume25 g
Gluten free
Without additives


Bisquick Original Pancake & Baking Mix 1

BisquickOriginal Pancake & Baking Mix

Classic Recipe Flour Can apply to many menus, both savory and sweet

A classic pancake batter that you can use to make both savory and sweet dishes easily by simply mixing milk, water and eggs. While also being able to apply a variety of dishes Whether it’s a fluffy soft pancake sprinkled with honey or fruit jams Make a delicious dessert with ice cream. Or can be eaten together with bacon for breakfast as well It can be said that it is a multi-purpose flour that allows you to create various menus as you wish. You can also use this powder to make waffles. Considered really worth the price.

ingredientWheat flour, soybean oil, baking soda, salt, dextrose
volume567 g
Gluten freeX
Without additives


BIF Instant Pancake Batter  Gluten-free recipes 1

BIFInstant Pancake Flour Gluten-free formula

Soft and fluffy powder Gives the texture that is pleasing, gluten-free, children can eat

Another quality product from a Thai brand that many pastries agree on that This BIF Pancake has a soft, fluffy texture. Plus, this formula is also free from gluten. Therefore suitable for people who are allergic to wheat flour Because it does not cause danger to people who are allergic to gluten (Celiac Disease). It is also suitable for making delicious dessert menus for children at home to eat as snacks. Or anyone who is looking for a soft texture pancake recipe, we recommend this pancake batter

ingredientRice flour, Corn flour, Sugar, Salt, Baking powder
volume400 g
Gluten free
Without additivesX (with flavoring agents)


Momoko Pancake and Waffle Mix 1

MomokoPancake and Waffle Mix

Japanese Recipe Distinctive with the scent of vanilla Can be used for baking

If you are a dessert maker and like to create new menus, this pancake batter is a great solution. Aside from being able to make soft pancakes, you can also make donuts, waffles, or even bakery items. It also smells vanilla, with almost no need to add additional scents. You can add various flavors by adding sour and sweet fruits as you like. Or add butter to add a little salty No matter what you eat, it’s delicious.

ingredientWheat flour, sugar, soy milk, baking powder, corn flour, milk powder
volume300 g
Gluten freeX
Without additivesX (with flavoring agents)


IMPERIAL Riceberry Pancake & Waffle Mix 1

IMPERIALRiceberry Pancake & Waffle Mix

Healthy Riceberry Rice Pancakes Full, tasty, pleasantly clean

Please appease the health lovers a little more. With this recipe of pancakes that contains unruffled Riceberry rice But also delicious and soft, fluffy, not inferior to other recipes. You can eat with your favorite grains, such as nuts, to add a crunchy texture. Eaten together with soft, smooth pancake batter It is a recipe that you eat without having to feel guilty about the body. It can also be made into a healthy waffle menu. Clean lines should be pleasant as well.

ingredientWheat flour, Corn flour, Sugar, Riceberry rice flour
volume400 g
Gluten freeX
Without additives


CJ Korean Pancake Mix 1

CJKorean Pancake Mix

Korean-style pancakes Suitable for savory food Can modify many menus

Another new type of pancake that we want you to try is a Korean style pancake that is perfect for eating with a savory dish. Which is a traditional recipe that you don’t need to add any seasonings Just mix the flour and water. Beat the flour thoroughly and then fry on the pan. After that, prepared various savory dishes for eating together. Or you can also dip it with dipping sauce. Which the flour characteristics are crispy and slightly sticky Some people then make it into a Korean pizza menu to increase the variety of food menus.

ingredientWheat flour, spices, sugar, baking powder, tapioca flour, corn flour
volume1 kg
Gluten freeX
Without additivesX (with additives)


IMPERIAL Chocolate Pancake 1

IMPERIALChocolate Pancake

Premium rich chocolate flavor Helps to energize the bright breakfast.

Anyone who is bored with the old recipe and want to add new flavors to breakfast or snacks. Probably can’t miss this formula Especially if you are a person who likes to eat chocolate wholeheartedly Having said that, this pancake will give the chocolate taste of deliciousness intensely. You can cut this sweetness by adding fruit or adding a soft topping, whipped cream, sprinkled nuts and then topped with additional chocolate sauce. Considered as another popular menu that is quite pleasing to children.  

ingredientWheat flour, sugar, corn flour, cocoa powder, milk powder
volume200 g, 400 g
Gluten freeX
Without additivesX (with flavoring agents)


Morinaga Pancake Mix 1

MorinagaPancake Mix

Soft, fluffy Japanese style powder, sweet and fragrant, soft to the touch, dissolves in the mouth

Aside from the familiar flat, round pancakes This pancake batter can also make a soft soufflé pancake. Because there are ingredients that help make the pancakes soft, fluffy, soft and delicious. The more you eat in the hotter season the more you enjoy. It feels melted in the mouth and is easy to make, saving time. In addition, you can create a variety of desserts such as muffins, cookies, or donuts. Considered as a multi-purpose flour that should be attached to the house at all.

ingredientWheat flour, sugar, glucose, vegetable oil, salt, baking powder
volume600 g
Gluten freeX
Without additivesX (with flavoring agents)


IMPERIAL Butter Milk Pancake 1

IMPERIALButter Milk Pancake

Scented with Butter Milk. Just adding topping is perfectly delicious.

A popular pancake batter that many people are probably familiar with. It is a butter butter pancake that has the scent of Butter Milk. It can be said that it is tender and pleasant to eat since it is mixed with eggs and milk. The powder is soft and fluffy. Can be eaten plain to fully taste the milk butter Or add honey topping, such as fruit, whipped cream, ice cream as you like. But if it’s good Try the classic By pouring maple syrup mixed with butter cubes topped on the pancakes Guarantee that it will be unforgettable

ingredientWheat flour, sugar, corn flour, salt, Butter Milk flour
volume200 g, 400 g
Gluten freeX
Without additivesX (with flavoring agents)

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