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Download the latest Cambridge IELTS 1-15 books

As for the quality of this Cambridge IELTS 1-15 Entire Suite, it shouldn’t be presented as it is already well known. If you are preparing for an IELTS test but you don’t know the Cambridge IELTS books , or you don’t have books to revise, that’s a waste!

The June 2020 update has the latest download link for the Cambridge 15 cambridge file below

Table of contents

  • Booklet Information Cambridge IELTS 1-15
  • Review Cambridge IELTS 1-15 series
  • How to study Cambridge IELTS?
    • Part IELTS Listening
    • IELTS Reading Section
    • IELTS Writing section
    • IELTS Speaking section
  • Download Full Cambridge IELTS 1-15

Booklet Information Cambridge IELTS 1-15

  • Book title  : Cambridge IELTS 
  • Publisher  : Cambridge University 
  • Suitable book:  band 3.5 IELTS or above 
  • Number of books:  15 books 
  • Book content  : Each Cambridge IELTS book will include 4 actual tests, helping learners to grasp the latest IELTS exam trends each year.
  • Advantages  : The book is updated every year, following the exam format for the year, thereby helping learners to understand the topic format and prepare the best for the upcoming exam.
  • Cons:  This set of books is only suitable for some of you who have a solid English background, good level, need some of you have just started to study IELTS or some of you have lost your roots to learn IELTS, you need to start. Begin reviewing grammar and vocabulary before practice.

The set of Cambridge IELTS books from 1-15 is designed as follows:

– 4 basic tests with difficulty according to the new trend of each year. Show Cambridge IELTS 15 is the latest issue

– The tests have answers and audioscripts behind so some of you can check your answers

– Perform some Speaking and Writing assignments for your reference

– Have enough pdf + audio for you to listen to and take the test.

Especially the Cambridge IELTS 1 – 15 is the best IELTS test source for some of you to familiarize yourself with the structure of the IELTS test as well as train your IELTS knowledge before you start the actual exam!

Her advice to some of you who need to review from the Cambridge IELTS 7 – 15 book will be more suitable for today’s IELTS exam module.

This is the best test source for you who are getting used to the structure of the IELTS test as well as the practice test before you take the actual test.

Before downloading the book at the end of the post here, do you really know how to take advantage of these 15 books? Here are reviews of tips and methods for some of you to fully exploit  Cambridge IELTS  and get really high scores under the exam:

Review Cambridge IELTS 1-1 1-1 series 5

The Cambridge IELTS book series, published by Cambridge, is the best set for some IELTS test takers. This is a book set based on the structure of the real IELTS test , which will help you practice closer to reality and be more confident when you ‘go’ for the real IELTS exam.

Previously, Cambridge IELTS established only a few drops of 6 Cambridge IELTS books called ‘majors’: Cambridge IELTS 1, Cambridge IELTS 2, Cambridge IELTS3 … Cambridge IELTS 6, until today they have released more 9 books. A total of 15 books.

And most recently, four sets of books are dominating the market share: Cambridge IELTS 10, Cambridge IELTS 11, Cambridge IELTS 12, Cambridge IELTS 13 and Cambridge IELTS 14, Cambridge IELTS 15 (Cambridge IELTS 15 super hot, newly released and is being hunted a lot) because of the adherence to the exam structure and the constant updating over a number of years. Therefore, when starting to practice exam questions, some of you need to practice from the latest book. Then practice some older books and if there is enough time, try making the whole set to master. To be more complete, we divide it into the following:

  • Cambridge IELTS 1-6: Doubtful forms, some topics under Writing and exam format produced from some 1998 need to be quite outdated compared to the present. So we need to practice only when we have free time.
  • Cambridge IELTS 7-10: Until now we can completely take advantage of some of the values ​​that the book brings to learners. By:

– The types of questions, the exam format and some topics under the Writing and Speaking tests have been revised and renewed by the publisher.

– Cambridge IELTS 7-10 offers a wide variety of specific Writing solutions, with additional examiners’ judgments based on the examination objectives.

  • Cambridge IELTS 11-15: There is no reason for you to go through this series. Because it’s visited as a set of IELTS-ers’ headboards and used them as a source of practice. Features of this series are:
to take IELTS test
IELTS test structure

– The tests of Academic and General Training methods have been separated into different forms, not shared under the same book anymore → Reducing “bulky” for the book, helping you focus on learning the chosen method 1 way more smoothly

– Exam format has a lot of difference, grasping the trend of real exam questions in recent years. Typically, under the Listening test, in the form of interrogation, there is no longer appearing the phrase: “Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS” instead of “Write ONE WORD ONLY” in some forms of filling → Not so much riddled with contestants as some books from last year.

– The book is modeled after increasing difficulty, meaning that the first two tests can be very convenient, some will be harder at the second test behind. The way out of this problem is that the learner can get used to any level of the test, going from easy to difficult → Train and strengthen skills.

How to study Cambridge IELTS?

To use the series most effectively, you should:

  • Schedule a start and end time for each test 
  • Take the test in a most concise manner, considering it as a practical test. 
  • Please revisit the answers at the end of the book and save your mistakes or do not understand, then you can ask teachers or friends for support.

Self-study IELTS also offers advice for each section as follows:

Part IELTS Listening

Some of the biggest drawbacks to taking the IELTS test are that you only hear once. If you miss paragraphs, you won’t have a second chance to do so.

However, when we practice listening at home, some of you can completely split up the listening and listening songs over and over. Every time you listen, you will definitely learn something new and your listening skills will improve greatly compared to when you only listen to the tape once.

vietnam 00558
The listening test is the part that worries you the most

Tips for doing listening listening :

– Listen to the same video over and over, with each listening you focus on a number of different factors.

For example,  for the first time listen, gather together and understand the meaning of the whole song or grasp the main idea of ​​the lesson.

On the second listening, you can gather to listen to some verbs of the lesson, visit how they are divided.

Next try listening tour Pronunciation, stress, or intonation of the speaker was, and finally try to hear some words such as articles ( article ) or Prepositions (preposition) ….

Your headphones will gradually improve after listening over and over again with this deep listening secret.

Currently in the format of the Listening 2020 section, there have been major changes, you need to note:

  • The word “section” changes to “part”.
  • No more reading, for example, but you still have time to read the topic (You will hear a conversation…. First you have some time to look at questions 1 to 4.)
  • No more prompting page numbers

Refer to the above link and take a test in the format of 2020 to get used to it, and at the same time do not forget to practice listening at the Cambridge IELTS to increase the sensitivity when doing the test.

IELTS Reading Section

In this section, you need to practice doing it many times, this will help you to record thanks to some grammar points, vocabulary, some mistakes to avoid to make better test.

ebooks 2
Remember the effective structure of the IELTS test

If some of you have already completed some of the Cambridge IELTS Reading books , don’t be afraid to try them again.

  • First, some of you do the test under 60 minutes to see how many points you get.
  • Next, do the test again, but this time do not limit the time that some of you always test according to your ability.
  • Only make a passage in less than 20 minutes.
  • Trying to gather only makes a questionable form, for example: true, false, not given.
  • Take a test and use a dictionary at the same time to see if you can improve your score.
  • Or you can try reading an article to see if you understand it or not. Do not answer some questions offline.
  • Alternatively, you can take a tour before answering and try retrieving it under the reading tour where they appear.
  • Finally, some of you set up a vocabulary and some words “keywords” below the article

IELTS Writing section

In this section you need to practice the following: A given topic, try writing with 5 different articles. Note, each post needs to increase the level and difficulty level.

When practicing writing , instead of some of you writing 4 different writing topics, try writing 1 topic but writing it 4 different times.

Every time you write, some of you try to improve and develop an edge of the article.

For example:

– At the first writing, some of you may try to focus on the grammar part of the article, determined to use a variety and use some complex structures under the article.

– For the second writing, you can develop more ideas for the lesson, especially the explanation and evidence.

– In some subsequent times, why don’t we buy more and upgrade the vocabulary part of the lesson?

When applying this method, solidify the writing skills of some of you will be surprisingly improved!

Initially you can write some short sentences that express the problem in the shortest way. Next you try to expand the sentence, applying some grammatical structures learned. It is then possible to develop a broader, more in-depth paper, specifically focusing on the evidence and explanation.

IELTS Speaking section

10 types of pictures in ielts speaking exam 03
The speaking test is a very stressful part

For some Speaking issues  under Cambridge IELTS, some of you please

  • Compose a number of different question lists
  • Practice them daily, remember it everyday.
  • Record the speech of some of us so we can listen again and check the tour for any mistakes and note them for improvement later. The goal is for some of you to “master” this list of questions before taking the exam.

All of the above methods follow the same secret over and over again, but firmly that at the beginning of some you will feel frustrated and very bored. However, there’s no shortcut to success!

Link download Full Cambridge IELTS 1-15

File PDF Cambridge IELTS 1-15:

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