The best Android games currently available (July 2020)

Pokémon Café Mix

What’s cuter than a Pokémon? A café that exclusively serves Pokémon, that’s what. Pokémon Café Mix is a fun little puzzle game that tasks you with preparing dishes and drinks for a variety of Pokémon customers. Create good enough treats and you’ll win yourself new friends and be able to expand your business to allow in even more Pokémon. It’s free to start but has in-app purchases available.


Penguin Isle

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best android games penguin isle 2 man
best android games penguin isle 3 man

Idle games are a great way to keep your fingers busy while you watch TV, and penguins are great in any setting. Combine the two and you get Penguin Isle, an idle game where you create a habitat for a variety of different penguins. The aim of the game is to relax, so crank up the volume and listen to the soothing music, watch the cute animations, and enjoy the relaxing scenery. While not one for someone seeking action, Penguin Isle is a great game for relaxation.


One-Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0

Based on the hit anime series, One-Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0 puts you in charge of mobilizing the Hero Association’s reaction to various monster attacks. Collect hero cards and use special moves to make sure peace is maintained while you work your way through the anime’s storyline. There’s a player-versus-player mode if you tire of single-player content, and if you’re really looking for a new challenge, you can take on the Extreme Trial too.


Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

There’s nothing like a good mystery to really snag your attention and keep you buried, and Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery certainly qualifies as a good mystery. You play as a detective who returns to his father’s town, only to find it completely deserted. It’s your job to find out what happened, using all your detective skills to explore fully interactive 3D levels crammed with fun puzzles and clues. Essentially a mix of escape rooms and quests, this is the game to scratch any mysterious itch.


Hades’ Star

Riffing off the multiplayer castle-builders of past decades, Hades’ Star puts you in charge of a star-spanning empire. Your fledgling empire’s resources and armies are yours to command as you expand your rule across new star systems, build and customize new chips, and optimize trade routes. You’ll meet with other empires, headed by players just like you, and work together in the spirit of jolly cooperation while grinding the mysterious alien races beneath your space-boots. There are missions to complete with other players too, with little pressure to buy microtransactions.



Massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) are many things, but they’re rarely simple. If you love adventuring through a world with other people, but don’t have time to deal with all the ancillary stuff that tends to come with most MMOs, SimpleMMO could be your new best friend. SimpleMMO is fully text-based, making it easy to play and comprehend, and you can easily join up with other players to take on the intriguing fantasy world. Oddly, it actually has some real depth to it, and you can take part in player battles, become a trader, and even become a hitman.


Bridge Constructor Portal ($5)

You know what makes building bridges more fun? Science! Bridge Constructor Portal adds the wacky tech from Valve’s Portal series, adding the cutting edge and bizarre technology from the Aperture Science Labs to your Bridge Constructor game. That means you’ll have to find new ways to use weird tech to bridge gaps, all while listening to the original voice of GLaDOS while doing so. While $5 is a lot of money, there are 60 test chambers to bridge, meaning this isn’t bad value for money.


Game Dev Tycoon ($5)

A game where you create games sounds very meta, but don’t let that put you off. Game Dev Tycoon, as you might expect, puts you in the shoes of a lowly ’80s game developer, coding in their garage. Make a hit game, and you’ll be able to move into an office, hire artists and developers to help out, and make bigger and better games as the industry matures. It’s a simple idea, but an engaging one, and you’ll quickly be enraptured by reports on how well your last games did, and how your next hit can appeal to even more people. While $5 seems like a lot, this is a game that you can sink a lot of hours into.


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